The Believer’s Bookstore at Bible Baptist Church is full of encouraging books, uplifting cards, and filling snacks!  It is open immediately after each regular church service and available for all members and guests of our church.  Stop by to see the latest specials and newest additions to our collection!

This the place to find easy-to-read Bibles and covers to protect your Bible.  There are Bible-study helps to gain additional information on a topic discussed during the sermon or in your Sunday School class. There are videos to inspire as well as inform. There are seasonal greeting cards with passages from the Scriptures that will help express genuine compassion and enduring friendship. There is also information on how to strengthen a marriage and spiritually challenge children.

Please remember that you can pay for your purchases by using your credit card!  Nearly every week you will find new material. This is one place that requires constant visits and casual browsing.