Lakeshore Christian School has some of the lowest tuition and fees of any Christian school.  After reading through this page, please contact us with any questions.

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Lakeshore Christian School

2017-2018 Financial Information


Children* Grades 1-12 Total Annual Cost 10-Month Payment 12-Month Payment
1 $2,800 $280 N/A
2 $4,200 $420 $350
3 $4,800 $480 $392
4 or more $5,200 $520 $433.33

*from the same household and parents are married

Tuition for kindergarten: $2,800.00 per year or ten monthly payments of $280.00. We regret that the kindergarten student’s tuition cannot count toward the reduction rates for additional students between the grades of 1 and 12.

There is a monthly discount of 10% for families who are tithing members of the Bible Baptist Church from the previous month and whose account is current by the 25th of the last month.

The first bill is issued on Monday, August 1, and the last bill on the ten-month payment plan is issued on Monday, May 1. On the twelve-month plan the last bill is issued on Monday, July 3.

No transcripts will be issued to any other institution or reenrollment granted until all prior charges are paid in full.

The parents with two or more children may elect to chose either the 10-month or the 12-month plan.

Special Discounts Available

  • There is a 5% discount for a full year’s tuition, after all discounts have been applied, that is paid by December 31, 2017.
  • For each new family who enrolls a student by December 31, 2017, the referring family will be granted a certificate that will provide a credit of $270 .00. After that date a family will be awarded a certificate for a credit of $100.00.