Dr. Robert W. Fry

In addition to serving as senior pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Dr. Fry is also the school administrator of Lakeshore Christian School.  Dr. Fry has been a leader in the...

Mrs. Barbara Fry

Mrs. Fry is the learning center supervisor for grades 2 through 12 and has been involved in Christian education since the early 1980s.

Mrs. Donna Sterling

Mrs. Sterling is the supervisor for students in K4 through 1st grade.  She has worked at LCS for fourteen years.

Mrs. Barbara Alloggio

Mrs. Alloggio, affectionately known as “Mrs. A.,” serves as the school secretary and Bible teacher.  Mrs. A. has been involved in Christian education for more than thirty years.

Mr. Ken Phelps

Mr. Phelps assists the learning center supervisor, specializing in reading and student tutoring.

Mrs. Phyllis Phelps

Mrs. Phelps assists the learning center supervisors in working with the students.

Mrs. Cathy Sterling

Mrs. Sterling, a registered nurse, teaches the physical education program for the high school students and serves as the school’s bus driver.  Mrs. Sterling is a graduate of LCS and has...

Mrs. Joanne Baillargeon

Mrs. Baillargeon assists the learning center supervisors in working with students throughout the day.

Mrs. Lisa Lucena

Mrs. Lucena volunteers her time to serve as a Spanish tutor for LCS high school students.

Mrs. Zana Furnia

Mrs. Furnia helps the learning supervisor and tutors students, helping wherever she can.

Mr. Jim Brooks

Mr. Brooks, a retired secondary mathematics teacher, regularly preaches in our school’s chapel time.

Mrs. Lauren Acton

Mrs. Acton serves as a math tutor at LCS, working with children of all ages.

Mrs. Amber Marquis

Mrs. Marquis assists Mrs. Sterling with the K4 students as a volunteer.