It is a state requirement and policy of our school that no student is excused from the required Physical Education course offered without a doctor’s excuse. Demerits and/or detentions are given if a child fails to be in complete P.E. uniform each P.E. period. Repeated offenses increase the penalty. Students without complete P.E. uniform may not be able to participate in gym class.

Information regarding physical education uniforms is included in the “Grooming Standards” section of the Handbook¬†or on this page on the website.

There may be extracurricular sports activities offered to students in the Junior and Senior High School levels. Basic skills, teamwork, and leadership skills are stressed in these sports. Christian sportsmanship must prevail. Attitude is the key. Students should consider extracurricular sports a privilege and not a right. Some of the sports which may be offered are basketball, softball, track & field, cross-country track, soccer, and volleyball. Students whose progress or grades are behind or who are under discipline may not participate.